Meet Donna

Donna Willis, Founder & Coach

Donna Willis, Founder & Coach

The Business of Life Mantra

Use what is in front of you, beside you and within you to grow. A life of learning is a life of growth and achievement. Do not discount nor place judgment on any opportunity placed before you. Instead – open the door; assess the value to your goals – then step through to new opportunities.

My Coaching Focus

I coach leaders, rising leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, novelist and all who are seeking the meaning of their life. From Engineers, neurosurgeons, oil rig hands, to mailroom clerks, the one common draw to the focus in which I coach from has been – they were all seeking to live more, feel more, laugh more, take more risks, and the desire to be their authentic self once again. Each came to me with the desire to raise their abilities to tackle and solve their toughest problems, to move their organizations and life forward, and make their mark, in business and in all of life, related to them. All found that raising the awareness of who they really were in the matter – brought immediate and amazing growth.

Self-Awareness is the ultimate key to accelerated growth! I find in describing my perfect client – they are interested in The Business of Life, as much as they are the Life in Business. Awaken to who you are in the world. Awaken to all you affect and all that affects you.

A Personal Note

As a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman, I never flinch at an opportunity or challenge to know more in areas of interest or need. My interests are broad yet calculatingly connected. My needs are to honor all I am for the world, and in the world as my authentic self.

I adore business process analysis – brainstorming solutions, guiding, facilitating and invigorating innovative thought creating outrageous outcomes. Emotional Intelligence is a high interest of mine, with a focus on the balance of living authentically your own individual personality style, creating value for yourself and others, while utilizing emotional discernment through empathy.

I have a great interest in Science Fiction and Science Reality. Quantum Physics exploration is a past time as well as social science and social justice interests. My past time is usually spent researching human behavior, world events – politics, global economics, on the ground global happenings and human development & success articles.

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