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It’s not what you know, but who you know & you are the most important person to get to know for your business & life to grow.



We are influenced to believe that who we are, as individuals, is comprised of our environment, positioning, and experiences in life – and that is half true. The whole of who you are – is NOT the influences around you – but the influences within you. Your true self – underneath all the layers that life, love and career have piled on – holds the key to happiness. Self-awareness, learning to know every nuance of what you like, don’t like, want, don’t want, feel, don’t feel, love, don’t love, are and are not – creates a re-wiring road map of your brain, from your soul – for your world. Your life will truly shift to a path of manifesting deep joy, peace and happiness in all you are and experience.


Ask yourself “Why do you do what you do?” Let’s take the journey together. As a coach, I am extremely skilled in listening, hearing, absorbing and emphatically connecting to the core of you. I hear what you have tuned out through influenced chosen habits and underneath the layers of your life.


businessWhat is THE key component of those who are truly happy, successful, and passionate about their livelihood? What is it they employ in their lives like a sixth sense knowing when to trust the path forward and when to go another direction? We say in business – it is not what you know, but who you know – and you are the most important person to get to know for your business to grow. In the last ten years, the business world has become conscious of the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) or ones Intellectual Quotient (IQ) as instrumental in leadership and career success. Within EI is one core principle that if not developed, EI becomes just another parlor trick. Self-Awareness is that core component. There is a reason every behavioral growth principle begins with “Know thy Self” – for until you can be honest about the problem and who you are in the matter of the problem, your business life you can not realize expansion.

Learn how to realize the true path to business expansion – through expanding what you know about you. Many times the obstacle to business growth is who we are being. Learning to see ourselves in all our truth opens the door to the opportunities of new and innovative insights. The most valuable education you could invest in is the re-education into the core of who you are – and why you do what you do.

loveOh, the world of relationships and love, where our heart is the intersection between the body and our soul. Our ego, or our brain, tells us one thing, our soul feels something else, but the messages get lost in the chemical mixture that flows through our veins to our heart.

Romantic relationships are probably the most self confronting relationships we have in our lives. Here is another person, we, through chemical draw, emotional need, spiritual connection or all three  – chose to be vulnerable with, and  hope to have found a place to bear our souls. A place to feel safe to discover who we are and who this person is for us that makes us love more of ourselves.

When two individuals are committed to the knowing of themselves, in a way that is honest, compassionate and forgiving, they can create a romantic world that connects at a deeper level than body, mind and even soul. What you give out in a romantic relationship, you will get back. The reverberation of your actions, good, bad or indifferent, will affect the one you have trusted the most. And the one to trust the most is you.

want-to-beWe only have to open our eyes, listen with our ears, and feel with our hearts every day to know we are not alone in this world. We might feel alone at times, or even desire to be alone at times. Many fear being alone. Being left with themselves, where no one else’s issues, causes or rules exist. In that alone-ness there is just you.

There you can look outward, inward and forward to who you have been, are and desire to be in the world. In the concept of “If all lived a life knowing how connected their life was to all in the world, and lived with respect, care and peace” all would experience the same. As it is the “observer” that shifts the kaleidoscope of life and defines what they see. As I am looking at you and defining, you are looking at me. Who we are in the world is just our perception through our view, and through the interpretation of others. Beauty is in truly in the eye of the behold, and so is peace.

Who do you want to be in your world, in the world? An author, artist, inventor, business owner, engineer?

How do you want to “be” in your world, in the world? Busy, stressed, anxious, doubtful, mistrusting?

Self confident, bold, of service, a leader? Whatever it is – it is your world and your observation of you in it.

Get to know all of you as the world around you.